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Score College Credit Guide for the AP Physics 1 Exam

Score College Credit Guide for the AP Physics 1 Exam The AP Physics 1 test (non-analytics) covers Newtonian mechanics (counting rotational development); work, vitality and force; mechanical waves and sound; and straightforward circuits. For some universities, the Physics 1 test doesn't cover a similar profundity of material as a school physical science course, so youll locate that huge numbers of the more particular schools won't acknowledge a high Physics I test score for school credit. Assuming there is any chance of this happening, understudies genuine about technical disciplines and building should attempt to take the analytics based AP Physics C test. About the AP Physics 1 Course and Exam Material science I is a basic level physical science course grounded in variable based math, not analytics. Understudies in the course investigate a scope of subjects in Newtonian material science composed into 10 substance territories: Kinematics. Understudies study powers and how communications between frameworks can change those systems.  Dynamics. Understudies look at how the properties of a framework decide how the framework will behave. Circular Motion and Gravitation. Understudies find out about gravitational powers and use Newtons third law to anticipate the conduct of systems.Energy. Understudies study the connection between powers on a framework and motor vitality, and they figure out how to compute the complete vitality of a framework. They likewise study the exchange of energy.Momentum. Understudies find out about the manners by which a power on a framework can change the energy of an article. This substance region additionally covers the protection of momentum.Simple Harmonic Motion. Understudies look at the preservation of vitality, and the conduct of swaying systems.Torque and Rotational Motion. Understudies figure out how a power on an article can make torque and change the items rakish momentu m. Electric Charge and Electric Force. This substance territory looks at how a charge on an article can influence its association with different items. Understudies concentrate long-range and contact powers. DC Circuits. In concentrating direct flow circuits, understudies inspect how the vitality and electric charge of a framework is conserved.Mechanical Waves and Sound. Understudies discover that a wave is a voyaging unsettling influence that moves vitality and force, and they study ideas, for example, abundancy, recurrence, frequency, speed, and energy.â AP Physics 1 Score Information AP Physics 1 test is the most mainstream of the four AP Physics tests (it has multiple times more test-takers than the AP Physics C Mechanics test). In 2018, 170,653 understudies took the AP Physics 1 test, and they earned a mean score of 2.36. Note this is by a wide margin the least mean score of all AP tests all in all, understudies who take the AP Physics 1 test are less arranged than the individuals who take some other AP subject. Since most schools who do permit credit for the test require a score of a 4 or 5, onlyâ about 21% of all test takers are probably going to acquire school credit. Make certain to consider this low achievement rate before choosing to take AP Physics 1 in high school.â â The dissemination of scores for the AP Physics 1â exam is as per the following: AP Physics 1 Score Percentiles (2018 Data) Score Number of Students Level of Students 5 9,727 5.7 4 26,049 15.3 3 33,478 19.6 2 48,804 28.6 1 52,595 30.8 The College Board has discharged primer score rates for the 2019 AP Physics 1 test. Understand that these numbers may change somewhat as late tests get added to the computations. Starter 2019 AP Physics 1 Score Data Score Level of Students 5 6.2 4 17.8 3 20.6 2 29.3 1 26.1 Course Credit and Placement for AP Physics I The tableâ below presents some agent information from an assortment of schools and colleges. This data is intended to give a general review of the scoring and arrangement rehearses identified with the AP Physics 1 test. For different schools, youll need to look through the school site or contact the proper Registrars office to get AP arrangement data. Test AP Physics 1 Scores and Placement School Score Needed Position Credit Georgia Tech 4 or 5 3 hours of credit for PHYS2XXX; the Physics C (analytics based) test is required to procure credit for PHYS2211 and PHYS2212 Grinnell College 4 or 5 4 semester credits of science; won't tally towards the major and doesn't fulfill any essentials LSU 3, 4 or 5 Understudies need to take the Physics C tests to gain course credit MIT - no credit or situation for the AP Physics 1 test Michigan State University 4 or 5 PYS 231 (3 credits Mississippi State University 3, 4 or 5 PH 1113 (3 credits) Notre Dame 5 Material science 10091 (proportionate to PHYS10111) Reed College - no credit or situation for the Physics 1 or 2 tests Stanford University 4 or 5 Understudies must score a 4 or 5 on BOTH the Physics 1 and Physics 2 tests to gain course credit Truman State University 3, 4 or 5 PHYS 185 College Physics I UCLA (School of Letters and Science) 3, 4 or 5 8 credits and PHYSICS General Yale University - no credit or position for the Physics 1 test A Final Word About AP Physics 1 Its accommodating to remember that school position isnt the main motivation to take the Physics 1 test. Specific schools and colleges ordinarily rank a candidates scholarly recordâ as the most significant factor in the affirmations procedure. Extracurricular exercises and articles matter, however passing marks in testing school preliminary classes matter more. Actually successâ in testing courses is the best indicator readiness accessible to the confirmations officials. Doing admirably in a course, for example, AP Physics 1 fills this need well, as do other AP, IB, and Honors classes.â To learn increasingly explicit data about the AP Physics 1â exam, make certain to visit theâ official College Board site.

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Wayward Puritans free essay sample

Thinks about thoughts on abnormality congruity, humanism history, affectation. (Kai Erikson) Confidence Men Painted Women ( Karen Halttunen ) In Wayward Puritans: A Study in the Sociology of Deviance, Kai T. Erikson gives a record of the nature and capacity of abnormality among Puritans in living in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. For this sincere and devout network known for its absence of resistance of qualities as opposed to its own, Erikson contends that abnormality joined the Puritans in light of the fact that rebuffing the individuals who were esteemed degenerate demonstrated how much changeability and decent variety can be endured inside the gathering before it starts to lose its particular shape, its

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What Is It Like to Be Addicted to Heroin

What Is It Like to Be Addicted to Heroin Addiction Drug Use Heroin Print What Is It Like to Be Addicted to Heroin? Pipsters Story By Buddy T facebook twitter Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. Learn about our editorial policy Buddy T Updated on June 24, 2019 Heroin Addiction Can Be Treated. © More in Addiction Drug Use Heroin Cocaine Marijuana Meth Ecstasy/MDMA Hallucinogens Opioids Prescription Medications Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery What is it like to be addicted to heroin? What is life like for a heroin addict? How does it feel to have a substance so much in control of your life that you can no longer make rational decisions? Pipsters Story I am trying to stop using heroin. Well, in fact, I have been trying for several years now. I have been to prison 17 times and each time I come out, clean, I still go and use and get a habit again. Why do I do this? The simple answer is that I feel nothing else I have ever experienced compares in the slightest, nothing in my life seems worth stopping for, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, its just too hard to stop. Imagine feeling good about yourself, life seems good too, then when you wake up all that has changed, life is s*** again until you have a bag of gear. You Just Want It When you do stop, using medication such as methadone or Subutex, all you think about is how to get money to score - even though you dont need to, you dont feel ill, you just want it. Life is empty without it, there is nothing to replace it with, nothing to look forward to. You look at yourself in the mirror and realize how skinny and ugly you look and it just seems like such a long road to put it all right again. You just think screw it and carry on with the drugs. I have lost everything due to heroin, or my own lack of restraint, Im not allowed to see my son of four. My family cant even look at me anymore. I walk with my head down at all times - my life just seems worthless without the pursuit of money for drugs by stealing. I Am Going Crazy Trying to Be Normal I wake up each day and think I dont want this life anymore - out stealing and scoring, I look at the Subutex - a way to change and stop and I just want to have a hit of brown. I dont inject it, just smoke it. I am here now typing this having taken two 8 mg tablets of Subutex and all I can think is why did I take them? Now I cant do heroin for at least 16 hours - as Subutex blocks the effects of the gear. I am going crazy just sitting here trying to be normal, I dont think I know how anymore. Id rather go out and risk my liberty for some money for gear. Heroin gives you a feeling of everything is OK, nothing is that bad and everything can wait until tomorrow. Without it life is s***. -- Pipster27 Treatment for Heroin Addiction Subutex, also known as buprenorphine, is a treatment for heroin addiction that is an alternative to methadone treatment. Also marketed as Suboxone, buprenorphine works by blocking the high users feel when they do heroin or opioid-based painkillers. The main advantage of buprenorphine over methadone is that it is available in multidose form from a physicians office, compared with methadone which is available only one dose at a time in highly regulated clinics. It is also less addictive and less likely to be abused compared with methadone. Source:National Institute on Drug Abuse. Buprenorphine Approval Expands Options for Addiction Treatment September 2002.

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The Constitution And Justice, Fairness, And Equality For...

Dr. Walter E. Williams, an economist and author, during his speech, â€Å"The Legitimate Role of Government in a Free Society,† stated, â€Å"A primary justification for the growth of government in our country, far beyond what the founders envisioned for us, is to promote fairness and justice.† Throughout history, through the modern education system, the media, and overall American culture, we are taught to believe that the original Constitution, written by our Founding Fathers, is a document promoting justice, fairness, and equality for all men. While this is not the position of some, I believe it to be entirely true. While there are many reasons that the Constitution promotes justice and fairness, I base my position on four important factors. The first is that it can be amended. The second is the establishing of checks and balances. The third is the freedom of expression. Finally, the fourth is the Bill of Rights. Through exploring these factors, we can see that the o riginal Constitution was, in fact, a document that had the overall goodness and wellbeing of all men in mind. One reason why the Constitution is just and fair is that it can be amended. As culture, society, and even science change, so do how we view the law and the world around us. The Constitution was written with this in mind and allows a way for itself to be changed or amended. Lawyer, David C. Gibbs states in his book, â€Å"Understanding the Constitution† that, â€Å"America’s Constitution has changed very little in theShow MoreRelatedAmerica Today : Social Justice785 Words   |  4 PagesIn America today, Social Justice involves claims for government provisions through a revised fairness doctrine. Delivered from the days, where obtaining value required human knowledge and effort. Now, social progressives use regulatory force to acquire one s desires. Subsequently, the notion to produce desirable goods by rational thought and action, production and voluntary exc hange, gives way to forcibly demanding goods from those who can supply them. In his first term, President Obama struggledRead MoreRacism : The Criminal Justice System1040 Words   |  5 Pages25th November 2015 Racism in Our Criminal Justice System There are many different types of unlawful racism in the criminal justice system. It goes from back in the early part of our great nation’s birth to the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. to Ferguson, Missouri. The path that racism takes is from old time’s point of view. The way to clear up racism in our criminal justice system is simple and easy. Americans need to fully understand the idea of equality. Second, police need to stop doing racialRead MoreThe Gettysburg Address And I Have A Dream Speech Analysis759 Words   |  4 Pagesstates the importance of freedom and equality. Martin Luther King message to his audience In order to communicate their message of freedom and equality, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln used allusions in their speeches. One major similarity in their use of allusions is their reference to the Constitution of Declaration of Independence. Yet, a difference is that King alludes to the Bible while Abraham Lincoln refers to the Civil War. In 1787 the Constitution of Declaration of Independence wasRead MorePolicy Project : Women s Rights1603 Words   |  7 PagesWar, however, the Amendment for it has still not been ratified in the United States Constitution. The introduction for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) began in 1848 with the Woman’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. Over three hundred women and men met and eventually agreed that the resolution for women’s rights should be supported. Many supporters were abolitionists working against slavery supported that equality should be supported for both ethnicity and gender. However, as tensions increased beforeRead MoreFairness And Equality Within The Criminal Justice System1361 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The question of fairness and equality in the criminal justice system has its original roots dating back to the Magna Carta in 1215 AD. The latest document to define the criminal justice is the United States Constitution which specifically in the 14th amendment which states †no state can make or enforce laws on its citizens, nor shall they deprive a person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor will they deny equal protection of the laws†. Section one of theRead MoreThe Social Philosophies On The Race Theory And Feminism Approaches1316 Words   |  6 PagesThis paper will address and define the social philosophies on the Race Theory and feminism approaches. These theories will be explained of how it is understood, compared and contrasted through examples of social justice, and examples of injustice. The Race theory is viewed as a self-conscious way of thinking. It is referred to as ideas of human differences beginning from ancient times to today. Racism is made up of practices and commitments deriving from racial hierarchies. However, the thoughtRead More 14th Amendment -EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW Essay939 Words   |  4 Pageslearn in America to live by the idea of freedom and equality for all. We do not allow race, class, or creed to determine a person’s stature in the community. It may seem as if this is the standard of society, but these ideas of equality have been fought over since the beginning of written history, and even in America today, prejudice still exists. To address these and similar problems, the founding fathers of this nation created a Constitution which included laws that dealt with individual freedomsRead MoreLaw and Justice4680 Words   |  19 PagesLaw and Justice Abstract Justice is the quality of being fair or just. This is not an exhaustive definition of justice. Different philosophers have defined justice in different ways. Justice is a concept that provides balance between law and morality. Rawls proposition for law and justice has been accepted by world judicial fraternity as a landmark vision to understand the system. Similarly it has earned a good amount of criticism which shows the basic strength of the thought. As such: Rawls theoriesRead MoreThe Letter From Birmingham Jail By Martin Luther King Jr.990 Words   |  4 Pagesrole model during the civil rights movement, wrote this letter to address the civil issue of injustice to the African American population. As he continues on to speak about the sacrifices these people are making to gain their fair share of equality. The justice that is being fought for is based on the decision of a white supremacy, who inevitably place various amounts of time towards the modest change of the South. As a reference to the author Tomiko Brown-Nagin based on the Brown v Board of EducationRead MoreEquality For Everyone : An Essay On Equality : Equality Of Equality869 Words   |  4 PagesEquality for Everyone â€Å"They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself† -Andy Warhol Two hundred years ago, our founding fathers signed a document declaring independence and equality. Written in that document are Thomas Jefferson’s famous words, â€Å"All men are created equal.† Eighty years later another renowned president, Abraham Lincoln, also spoke of equality in the Gettysburg Address. In the 1950’s as the civil rights movement kicked off and again during the 1960

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Love And Other Demons By Gabriel Garcia Marquez - 2039 Words

Of Love and Other Demons† by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is an eighteen-century novel in which the tale is based on the life of a twelve-year-old girl with red hair and 22 meters long named Sierva Maria de Todos Los Angeles. Sierva Maria is the product of the relationship between the Marquis de Casalduero and â€Å"the daughter of an astute Indian and a white woman from Castille† called Bernarda Cabrera. (Page 41, Marquez) This tale starts when Sierva Maria and a mulatta servant called Caridad del Cobre went to the market to buy some candles for Sierva Maria’s twelve birthdays when she gets bitten by â€Å"an ash-gray dog with a white blaze on its forehead† (page 7, Marquez) that has rabies. The girl treats herself the dog bite with lemon and sulfur and doesn’t say to anyone what happen. Dominga de Adviento a black woman who ruled the house and was the intermediary between the Marquis and his wife Bernarda raise Sierva Maria since she was born. Dominga de Adviento â€Å"baptized her on Christ, and consecrated her to Olokum, a Yoruban deity of indeterminate sex whose face is presumed to be dreadful it is seen only in dreams, and always hidden by a mask.† (Page 42, Marquez) Because Bernarda Cabrera the girl’s mother hate her from the moment she first nursed her which was the one and only time. While Sierva Maria lived with the slaves she learns their African dialect and paints her face black. After all the slaves celebrated Sierva Maria’s birthday the Marquis find out that she was bitten by aShow MoreRelated Dying for Love in Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1775 Words   |  8 PagesDying for Love in Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Based on part of the XVIII century, when the prevalent times of the Spanish Inquisition dominated the powers of the society and the people was ruled by an orthodox way of thinking, Gabriel Garcia Marquez gives birth to Of Love and Other Demons. According to The American Heritage Dictionary, Inquisition was a former Roman Catholic tribunal established to suppress heresy. The term Heresy originally meant a belief that oneRead MoreSummary Of Gabriel Garcia Mà ¡rquezs Of Love And Other Demons749 Words   |  3 Pagesbehavior. Conflict happens when beliefs and principles are challenged which leads to the brutality many innocent people end up enduring. Sierva Marà ­a in â€Å"Of Love and Other Demons,† by Gabriel Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez faces these cruel treatments during the conflict between ideologies in the time period which the novel takes place in. â€Å"Of Love and Other Demons,† takes place in a South American country in the eighteenth century during the time of the Sp anish Inquisition. Sierva Marà ­a is the only child born to anRead More Sublime Elements in Of Love and Other Demons Essay919 Words   |  4 PagesSublime Elements in Of Love and Other Demons      Ã‚  Ã‚   The book Of Love and Other Demons (1994), written by the Columbian Gabriel Garcia Marquez, has more characteristics of sublime literature than of magical realist literature. Magical Realism and the sublime are so closely related that distinguishing between the two is hard. They are more closely related than magical realism and the fantastic.    Of Love and Other Demons has elements of magical realism. Of all the magical elements, theRead More The Short Stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay969 Words   |  4 PagesThe Short Stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Short story writer. Novelist. Journalist. Political activist. Nobel Prize winner. Most beloved of 20th century Latin American authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born on March 6, 1928, in the small coastal town of Aracataca, Colombia. He published his first story, The Third Resignation, in 1947 and began studying law and journalism. His first novel, Leafstorm, was published in 1955, the same year the Colombian government shut down his employer, theRead MoreThe Theory, History, and Development of Magical Realism Essay examples3188 Words   |  13 Pagesworld can take root has been reconquered - albeit in new ways† (20). During the 1940s and the 1950s, the term â€Å"magical realism† was used to describe the unusual realism by American painters such as Ivan Albright, Paul Cadmus, George Tooker and some other artists. The major figure in the conceptual genealogy of magical realism in the context of literature is Massimo Bontempelli, the Italian writer and critic. In 1926, he specifically names that art as â€Å"magical realism† which proposes toRead MoreIndian English Novel17483 Words   |  70 Pagessuch Indian novelists and their unforgettable wonders have instilled life into the contrived fictional novels and aired their stunning aura of creativity. Indian novels have been presented seamlessly and eternally in diverse languages, themes and other particulars. The prominent novelists like R. K Narayan have authored distinguished novels in English, portraying the colloquial Indian lifestyle and traditions. Gradually, the Indian English novel has been witnessed to have evolved as a subaltern consciousness

Main Essay Free Essays

The Daily Mail quotes, â€Å"Protein drinks ‘are no help for athletes and aren’t better than a balanced diet’,† with The Independent also reporting that there is â€Å"no benefit from sports drinks†. However, does this affect the Protein sports drinks’ market? Clear Barrett writes In an article on The Financial Times saying that Omnipotent. Com, Rupee’s leading online sports nutrition retailer is forecast to generating earnings of EOM on annual turnover of MEME in the year 2011 from the sale of sports protein drinks and supplements, favored by bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts. We will write a custom essay sample on Main Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Its sales are expected to reach EMMA this year. (Remuneration 2009) found that â€Å"Globally, the U. S is the largest market for sports nutrition supplements and represents 63% of the value. Mexico Is the second largest market with US $192 million In retail sales, followed closely by the united Kingdom with US SSL 72 million. Japan has a market size of US $87 million, while China and India have negligible sports nutrition retail sales. However, Authenticity and efficacy remain big challenges for the sports nutrition market. Remuneration, 2008) stated that â€Å"the global market for ports nutrition supplements was valued at US $4. 2 billion. The market experienced strong growth until 2008, then growth gradually declined due to a lack of consumer confidence In spending on discretionary products, as a result of the global recession. † Furthermore, recent research have Indicated that protein supplements are bad for your health and can be life threatening. The British Dietetic A ssociation (BAD) says â€Å"high levels of additional protein can cause side-effects, which can include nausea as well as kidney and liver damage. The BAD argues there is now evidence to show excess levels of additional protein taken over a long time can cause health problems. Jane Griffin speaking for the BAD concluded, â€Å"People who have these high protein diets are now running Into problems with their kidneys because of the amount of protein they must get rid of. † The information provided indicates that there was a decrease in demand in the market for sports protein drinks and can be conveyed in a supply and demand diagram. The first figure (1) is a rundown where value is determined by the market. The supply curve of a certain product as well as the demand curve of the same product is shown on the same axes. David King quotes â€Å"This Is where there Is no excess demand or excess supply, so that the quantity To summaries; â€Å"A demand curve shows the quantity that would be demanded at each price or wage, and a supply curve shows the quantity that would be supplied eat each price or wage. The price or wage will settle at its equilibrium level, which is the level at which the two curves intersect. † Figure (2) shows a shift in demand (to the left) for sports protein drinks. Because of the recession, globally protein drinks will be set at a price too high, even though the price does not change. Therefore, protein nutrition drinks will become less attractive for consumers, consequently forcing consumers to purchase less as the price is too high. A shift in the demand curve implies that the original demand curve has changed, meaning that the quantity demanded is affected by a factor other than price, in this case the global recession and awareness that protein drinks actually affect health and may be life threatening. To conclude, protein sports drink manufacturers would be forced to supply less for the same price. King quotes, â€Å"if demand decreases, buyers will demand a smaller annuity at each possible price. So the demand curve shifts left, and the equilibrium price or wage, quantity and expenditure all fall. † Price* Quantity* Price Quantity However, historically, the users of protein nutrition products have been limited to bodybuilders and athletes, but this has now expanded to include recreational users and lifestyle users (Denominator 2006). Research in 2012 suggest that more teenagers are using muscle enhancing products, such as protein supplements, according to a study published in Pediatrics, a Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. A CNN article by (Trash Henry) quotes, â€Å"Researchers found the number of teens reporting muscle enhancing behavior to be substantially higher than in previous years. Boys were more likely to report these behaviors, which included supplement use and consumption of protein shakes†, while Dry. Maria Ginsberg, the lead study author said â€Å"These behaviors are a little more common among young Dry. Nicholas Fletcher, an assistant professor of orthopedic declares that, â€Å"As their idols have increased in size they are continually pushed to get stronger, bigger and faster†¦ There is that trickle-down effect. From this, we can assume that the market for Protein sports drinks is indeed rising, due to teenagers working towards increasing their body mass and overall strength and striving to follow in the footsteps of their inspirational leaders. A BBC article done by Newsiest reporter (Kelsey) stated that Remuneration, whom researchers the market size of products, estimates that the sport supplement industry grew 15% last year. It estimated that one in five people who go to the gym more than twice a week use supplements that can come in the form of powders and bars. The information provided can assume that there is a cent increase in demand for sports protein drinks. Figure (3) below indicates that the quantity demanded for protein sports drink increased even though the price remained the same. A shift to the right for the demand curve depicts the quantity of demand for protein drinks rising. Again, a shift in the demand curve indicates that the original demand relationship has changed; meaning that quantity demand for protein sports drink is affected by something other than price. In this instance, demand for protein was increased because of protein nutrition products expanding ND targeted not only athletes and bodybuilders, but also children and regular gym attendees. David King quotes, â€Å"If demand increases, buyers will demand a higher quantity at each possible price. So the demand curve shifts right, and the equilibrium price or wage, quantity and expenditure all rise. † To conclude, protein drinks will always be in demand as these products are used not only for sports use, but also widely used between regular gym attendees and children. However, the recent VAT increase implemented on sports nutrition drinks which has taken effect on the 1st October 2012 may cause the demand to slightly crease. References: King, D. (2012) Economics. POP Oxford Remuneration International. Lully 2009). How to cite Main Essay, Essays

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Violent World Essays - Crime, Dispute Resolution, Ethics

Violent World Let's face it, we live in a violent world. We can see it in many aspects of our surroundings, and if we miss it we have a chance to see it played out again and again in the media. There have been countless books and studies on violence in our society and on how to prevent it and what it all means; there will, no doubt, be countless more. But this book is about how that violence, as it is dramatized on-screen in all its various forms, affects our children and conditions them to be more violent than they would naturally become without being exposed to it. Many have reduced this issue to a chicken-and-egg question: does violence on-screen make people violent, or is that violence merely mirroring what is actually taking place every day on our streets and around the world? We think the former, and we have the evidence to prove it. The point is that kids are not naturally violent; they are not born that way, despite what we may think. There are many factors in what makes anyone violent, bu t the overwhelming proof says that the entertainment industry, through violent programming and video games, is complicit in conditioning our youth to mirror the violence they see on-screen. Much like soldiers, children can and do become learned in this behavior, not by drill sergeants and trained military professionals, but by what they see around them. It seems logical to most of us but is still hotly contested by certain interest groups, and especially in the many levels of the entertainment industry. But before we present the facts on the negative effects of screen violence on children--how and why it is making them violent--we need to first look at the overall trends of violence at home and abroad--our culture of violence. Essentially, around the world there has been an explosion of violent crime. Experts may disagree on what the statistics mean--many even suggest that all is getting better, not worse--but, in spite of vastly more effective lifesaving technology and techniques, as well as more sophisticated ways of battling crime, the rate at which citizens of the world are attempting to kill one another has increased at alarming rates over the years. According to InterPol, between 1977 and 1993 the per capita serious assault rate increased: nearly fivefold in Norway and Greece; approximately fourfold in Australia and New Zealand; it tripled in Sweden; and approximately doubled in Belgium, Denmark, England-Wales, France, Hungary, Netherlands, and Scotland. In Canada, per capita assaults increased almost fivefold between 1964 and 1993. And in Japan, in 1997, the juvenile violent crime rate increased 30 percent. First and foremost, we must cut through the statistics, which are often easy to misread, and demonstrate just how violent we are and what kind of world our impressionable children are growing up in. Any discussion of the effects that screen violence has on our children must be seen through the lens of our society at large. Also, in order to tackle the seemingly insurmountable problem of violence in our world, we must first see what's actually going on. If we can't be convinced that the rate of violence is increasing, we are not, obviously, going to make a priority of tackling the issue. No problem means no need for a solution. According to FBI reports, crime is down 7 percent. We are experiencing a slight downturn in murders and aggravated assaults, bringing us back to the crime rates of about 1990. But that is far from the full story. To gain a useful perspective on violent crime--among both youths and adults--the view must cover a long enough time period to clearly identify a trend. Up or down variations over a year or two are meaningless. Movies and Cinema Essays